Thursday, 30 March 2017

How I got my Sasha doll

 ( Oct '15 - Jan '16 )
   OK, so here is my very first ever blog. I'd been thinking about trying a blog for some time, but I'm not at all tech savvy and trying anything new is quite scary for me. I'm sure many of you reading this will know how it is. However, the world is changing so fast and I'm trying so hard to keep up.
   So why am I creating this blog?
   I have been looking at all the lovely Sasha blogs since acquiring my own doll. I've sighed over the beautiful dolls; some that are still original and some that have been completely changed. Those that have been re-rooted, re-painted, re-strung and all the beautiful new clothes that their owners have lovingly created for them. How the dolls have been 'brought to life' with photo scenarios and stories! I have commented on many of these blogs and I have decided that I'd like to share my own 'Sasha Story'.
   About 14 months ago ( Jan '16 ) I finally got a Sasha doll; or rather, a Prince Gregor. Like so many before me I had first wanted a Sasha doll when I was a girl. However, I grew up, got a job, got married, had children, the children left home, the grandchildren came along and any thoughts of a Sasha doll had been put on the back burner a long time ago.
   Then one afternoon ( Oct '15 ) whilst idly browsing through ebay my search brought up a Sasha doll and my interest was piqued. I looked more closely and I couldn't believe how expensive they were! I told my husband how much I would like one and he said if I could get one cheap enough, OK. Well, over the course of about 3 months, I put on bid after bid on various dolls and was always outbid. I realised I would never be able to own one. Then one day a Prince Gregor, in his beautiful blue velvet outfit, was offered quite cheaply. I waited and waited and no one was bidding on him. At the last minute I bid the asking price and got him!
   It was about a week before he finally arrived. I was actually trembling with excitement and anticipation as I opened the parcel! When I finally held him he was more than I had been expecting. I hadn't expected him to be so beautiful or so heavy! ( the dolls I had as a girl had been thin plastic and very lightweight ) I held him for a while then settled him on the side table and admired him. Later I took some pictures and shared them with my family. I had expected them to say 'WOW!' 'Cool' 'Beautiful', but actually it was more 'Why have you bought a doll at your age?!' My husband said ' Now you've got one, what are you going to do with it?' I hadn't planned to do anything with him.
   So, over the past year I have been sharing my passion with other Sasha owners on their blogs. I have seen how their owners have lovingly transformed their dolls into works of art and given them life and love 💗

Prince Gregor Jan '16

( Jan '16 - July '16 )
   So, Prince Gregor stood on the side table for quite some while. I'd pick him up and admire him from time to time. Then one time, as I was holding him, his hat and hair fell off! He was wearing a wig! Now I hadn't even realised this; I'd just assumed his hair was rooted like any other doll's. I began to wonder then if Gregor had had a 'life'. If his wig had been removed had he worn other wigs? had his suit been removed? had he worn other clothes? Had he played a part in his previous owner(s) 'Sasha stories'? In his 30 years ( he has 1985 stamped on the back of his head ) surely then he must have.
   Suddenly I felt less timid about him. Perhaps he didn't need to just stand on the side table. Maybe I could bring him to life again! I decided then to remove his velvet suit and packed it in tissue for safe keeping. Having some knitting and sewing skills, I took his measurements and fashioned a simple pair of trousers and a hat and sweater. Now I felt as if I might become a part of the Sasha doll world!

The first sweater and hat I knitted for Gregor in July '16

( July '16 - Nov '16 )
   After some thought I decided maybe I would give him a new name. Most doll owners had named their dolls, so it seemed the logical thing to do next. I finally, after a few weeks, settled on Ezri, although I also liked Zephyrine, so why not both?
   My youngest daughter was starting to warm to him a bit and approved of his new name. However, she said he was too pretty to be a boy and looked more like a girl!
   I had noticed how many Gregors and Calebs had been changed into girls by there owners and I thought maybe Ezri could be a girl too! I decided to knit a sweater-dress to see how he would look.
Sweater-dress Nov' 16

( Nov '16 - Mar '17 )
   So we come right up to date. A few weeks ago I bought a blonde plaited wig from ebay ( by Thomas Baeker. It's a little large at 9-10", but it looks OK ) I've also been honing my sewing skills, starting again from the very basics, and I got my first sewing machine too! I made a basic sleeveless dress ( using a pattern from Phoebe&Egg ) and knitted a cream cotton shrug to go with it. You can find this pattern in the gadget bar on the right- 'Get Knitting' 
   So now I think my Prince Gregor's transformation is complete. So please meet my Sasha doll - Ezri Zephyrine ❤💗💜