Thursday, 6 April 2017

A new wig? Maybe, maybe not...

   Last week I ordered a new wig for Ezri. The photo, with the wig on a disembodied head, looked quite good. A light auburn/blonde shade with a bit of curl. It was only £3.99 inc P&P, so I wasn't expecting to much of it. The description said there might be glue in the cap and that it measured 8.5". The wig arrived today. The cap is very, very small and very stiff with a lot of old glue and the hair is very frizzy rather than curly. I gave it a gentle wash and trimmed off about an inch of the worst of the frizz at the ends then hung it out on the line to dry.  
   In the meantime I have also been doing some sewing. I'm doing a bit of experimenting with shapes and pleating, so I'm just using old patchwork fabric from my stash and making notes as I go. If I like it and it works out OK I'll use some proper dress fabric. No sense wasting good fabric.
   So, back to the new wig. It didn't look all that bad hanging on the line ( bottom right picture. It looks darker than it actually is ) However, as it dried it frizzed up again. I tried to tame it, but it only got worse. It's alright if you like the wild and unruly look. It doesn't look that bad in the photos, but the slightest touch and it slides off. I put a piece of blue-tack inside to try and hold it on! As you can see the cap only just perches on top of her head! Keep it or not?

... and other musings
   This quilt I have been working on during the summer months for the last couple of years. I rooted it out for this summer and it needed a good press. It's made using Mary's Triangle blocks. There are 324 triangle blocks ( 2 in each fabric colour to mirror image ) then 76 edging blocks with 2 colours and a plain strip on each one. Some pieces are still individual squares and some are joined into 4 and then into strips and so on. It wasn't going to be this big, but as each piece only takes a very small amount of fabric, it got bigger and bigger! The whole thing is entirely stitched by hand as it's for when I'm sitting in the garden and I can just work on it in my lap. It's going to take a couple more summers yet!


  1. The new wig - firstly you need a wire doll hair brush which does not have tips on the bristles as they damage the hair long term and make it frizzier. Secondly, if the wig is a little small it will be hard to make it stay on unless you glue it on or use tape to hold it in place. You can get the American Girl doll hairbrush via My Doll Boutique or a similar one from My Doll Best Friend in the UK. Try brushing the hair to tame it and you might need to use hair conditioner as well.
    Your quilt - what a lovely collection of colours and patterns in those fabrics - it is looking good. You might find that Ezri Zephyrine might start asking for a miniature quilt, at least that will be quicker to make!

    1. Thank you for the tips. I wasn't sure you could use shampoo and conditioner of synthetic hair. I will try it. I like the idea of making Ezri her own little quilt and I think she will like it too :)

  2. Another tip for the wig if you want it less curly is to pour boiling water over it - or rather just off the boil - but taking care of your hands! This can straighten it really well. It can be a bit nerve wracking though...

    Another quilter! I love your quilt. I haven't done any quilting in a little while but still have a couple of projects on the go. I have made a couple of Sasha size quilts as well which are fun.

    1. The wig was only cheap, so I may try the boiling water and see if that helps. I'm going to make a quilt for Ezri, but I must be patient, so many thought and ideas rattling around in my head now! I don't want to many projects on the go or nothing ever gets finished! :) x


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