Thursday, 22 June 2017

Ayza's new clothes and getting to know one another

   The past week has been soooo hot! That muggy, humid sort of heat that makes you feel tired and listless. Ezri's been so glad of her new lightweight summer dress to keep her cool. Little Ayza managed to preserve her modesty with a piece of pink gingham wrapped and tied around like a sarong, but she needed some proper clothes. Ezri found some of the green flower print fabric that I made her first dress from and suggested there might be enough for a dress for Ayza. I said I wasn't sure that I could make a dress, but I could make a skirt and perhaps a knitted sweater to go with it. Here is Ayza's new outfit. I wonder what she thinks of it 💭

Ayza- My new sweater and skirt are soooo trendy and I love this sweet, flower print fabric and the shape of the skirt

We settled on a very simple semi-circle style. I decided to make it reversible. I cut out an identical semi circle from the pink gingham, placed them right sides together and sew round all the edges leaving a small opening for turning out. My machine skills are still not so honed yet as to sew perfect curves; so the waist and hem are rather uneven. I put a snap fastener on the back and it's a passable attempt. I decided to take the easy option for the sweater and knitted one. Just a simple ribby with a fold over collar

 Ayza- You can see the whole effect much better if I stand up. I think it's just perfect and I can't wait for Mum to make me something else

Ezri and Ayza have been getting to know one another and I hope they will become good friends. It seems they also share a love of pretty things. I thought I'd listen in and see what they have to say ( I hope it's not eavesdropping 👂 )

Ezri- Mum got these lavender and gerbera flowers from The Range
Ayza- What's The Range?
Ezri- It's a shop that sells all sorts of pretty things
Ayza- They're beautiful and they look so real. I love pretty things

... and other musings
   Because of the heat, work in the garden has been a bit slow. A little work here, a little rest, a little work there, a little rest... However, a trip to the garden centre got us a load of flowers being sold off cheap. 9 pack plug punnets, normally 4 for £10, now £1 each! A lot of the plants were in a bad way and some were overflowing the punnets, but I picked out the best and now the filled in area behind the new sundeck is full of flowers! I gave them a good watering, lots of Tomorite to feed them and I think they'll do OK

Thursday, 15 June 2017

A new friend, a new dress and a new sun deck

   The search for another doll, of any kind, similar to Ezri's size and build, is proving fruitless. I've found lots of baby dolls with poked out eyes and curly-permed nylon hair, and Barbie dolls and those Bratz and Monster High dolls. I did make this small purchase of a nude Monster High doll for 20p that has white hair and red eyes. She is articulated, about 11" tall and very slim. She's a pretty little thing. I've named her Ayza and hopefully she and Ezri will become good friends.

   Ezri has been very patient with me and now she finally has a new maxi sundress. I made it from an old dress of mine that had gotten badly stained and then musty from being in the bottom of the wardrobe ( it was to nice to chuck out and to grubby for the charity shop ) So I salvaged what I could ( it was made in narrow panels ) I had to sew 3 pieces together to make the width and I simply pleated the top and attached a folded band and shoulder straps. It overlaps a fair bit at the back, for modesty. Even though I pressed it well it still wants to fold into pleats ( perhaps I made them to wide ) Anyway, Ezri and I are happy with it

It's a nice tropical print

A very simple style

...and other musings
   Things are moving apace at the bottom of the garden

Shiplap fastened to the tree stumps and filled in with the soil from levelling the ground for the decking base frame

A nice new sundeck at the bottom of the garden

   There is still an awful lot to be done, but it's a start. The weather has brightened up and the veg are growing like crazy! We are already feasting on kale and courgette, snack cucumbers, lettuce, radish and beetroot. We planted leeks yesterday; out first attempt.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Looking for a new friend and big changes in the garden

   Since my last post I have been searching for a friend for Ezri. When we have been in town I have rooted through the toy boxes in the children's areas of the charity shops and I have daily looked through Ebay. I don't mind what kind of doll she is; she doesn't have to be vintage, but she needs to be affordable and about Ezri's size and build. I haven't found anything apart from a few 'feed and wet' baby dolls. With hindsight, I do wish I'd kept 'Anne'. She was one of my 'like' dolls. I had a Tiny Tears 'like' doll, a doll 'like' the one off the Kellogg's cornflakes packet and a few others. 'Anne', this was her name on the box she came in, wore a purple print maxi dress and had blonde hair. If you held he hand and tipped her slightly forwards she walked. I can't remember how tall she was, but she seemed quite tall to such a small girl as I was. When I got into my late teen I suppose that was the time I put my childhood away and all my toys and things went to charity shops. I actually gave away my entire Star Wars collection, many of the figures were STILL in their unopened packets!! Hindsight is a fine thing LOL. I haven't made anything new for Ezri as I haven't really had the time. I planned to make her a summer dress, so hopefully I'll find time to get around to that.

... and other musings
   The last fortnight has been very busy. The glorious week we had meant we spent every hour in the garden and the wet and stormy week past has been one of rather late spring cleaning. There has been a lot of change down the bottom of the garden. The 40' leylandii trees have been cut down after a lot of branches were rotting and breaking off in the winter storms, one almost smashing into our neighbours greenhouse!! These trees had been there for almost 25 years. It was very cool, damp and shady under those trees and there were frogs, toads and newts and lots of ferns, but alas they are all gone now :(

The stand of Leylandii that had become dangerous with huge branches breaking off in winter storms

One of the tree surgeons at work

Daylight coming through

From the back bedroom window ( you can see the neighbours greenhouse )

nearly there...


all gone

and the garden suddenly looks so bare!! There's a lot of work to be done