Thursday, 15 June 2017

A new friend, a new dress and a new sun deck

   The search for another doll, of any kind, similar to Ezri's size and build, is proving fruitless. I've found lots of baby dolls with poked out eyes and curly-permed nylon hair, and Barbie dolls and those Bratz and Monster High dolls. I did make this small purchase of a nude Monster High doll for 20p that has white hair and red eyes. She is articulated, about 11" tall and very slim. She's a pretty little thing. I've named her Ayza and hopefully she and Ezri will become good friends.

   Ezri has been very patient with me and now she finally has a new maxi sundress. I made it from an old dress of mine that had gotten badly stained and then musty from being in the bottom of the wardrobe ( it was to nice to chuck out and to grubby for the charity shop ) So I salvaged what I could ( it was made in narrow panels ) I had to sew 3 pieces together to make the width and I simply pleated the top and attached a folded band and shoulder straps. It overlaps a fair bit at the back, for modesty. Even though I pressed it well it still wants to fold into pleats ( perhaps I made them to wide ) Anyway, Ezri and I are happy with it

It's a nice tropical print

A very simple style

...and other musings
   Things are moving apace at the bottom of the garden

Shiplap fastened to the tree stumps and filled in with the soil from levelling the ground for the decking base frame

A nice new sundeck at the bottom of the garden

   There is still an awful lot to be done, but it's a start. The weather has brightened up and the veg are growing like crazy! We are already feasting on kale and courgette, snack cucumbers, lettuce, radish and beetroot. We planted leeks yesterday; out first attempt.


  1. I hope you'll find a playmate for Ezri soon.

  2. Most dolls you see in shops are the Barbies and the Disney dolls like the princesses and some baby dolls. There don't seem to be any 'child like' dolls. I shall keep looking :) x

  3. Your search will be rewarded. Charity shop inventory is notorious erratic; it's all about being there at exactly the right moment. Keep shopping and you will find what you're looking for. I think the doll you did buy could be interesting, especially since you sew so nicely. Ezri's new sun dress is very attractive. Now, she'll have something to wear when she's lounging on the new sundeck!

  4. I got the little Monster doll out of a box of toys for 20p. I think girls today prefer these smaller fashion dolls. I was Googling for sewing clothes for these dolls and Barbies and there are a lot of great ideas. She and Ezri seem to be getting along fine, so if I don't find a similar doll I think she'll do just fine. I shall certainly keep looking though :) x


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