Thursday, 8 June 2017

Looking for a new friend and big changes in the garden

   Since my last post I have been searching for a friend for Ezri. When we have been in town I have rooted through the toy boxes in the children's areas of the charity shops and I have daily looked through Ebay. I don't mind what kind of doll she is; she doesn't have to be vintage, but she needs to be affordable and about Ezri's size and build. I haven't found anything apart from a few 'feed and wet' baby dolls. With hindsight, I do wish I'd kept 'Anne'. She was one of my 'like' dolls. I had a Tiny Tears 'like' doll, a doll 'like' the one off the Kellogg's cornflakes packet and a few others. 'Anne', this was her name on the box she came in, wore a purple print maxi dress and had blonde hair. If you held he hand and tipped her slightly forwards she walked. I can't remember how tall she was, but she seemed quite tall to such a small girl as I was. When I got into my late teen I suppose that was the time I put my childhood away and all my toys and things went to charity shops. I actually gave away my entire Star Wars collection, many of the figures were STILL in their unopened packets!! Hindsight is a fine thing LOL. I haven't made anything new for Ezri as I haven't really had the time. I planned to make her a summer dress, so hopefully I'll find time to get around to that.

... and other musings
   The last fortnight has been very busy. The glorious week we had meant we spent every hour in the garden and the wet and stormy week past has been one of rather late spring cleaning. There has been a lot of change down the bottom of the garden. The 40' leylandii trees have been cut down after a lot of branches were rotting and breaking off in the winter storms, one almost smashing into our neighbours greenhouse!! These trees had been there for almost 25 years. It was very cool, damp and shady under those trees and there were frogs, toads and newts and lots of ferns, but alas they are all gone now :(

The stand of Leylandii that had become dangerous with huge branches breaking off in winter storms

One of the tree surgeons at work

Daylight coming through

From the back bedroom window ( you can see the neighbours greenhouse )

nearly there...


all gone

and the garden suddenly looks so bare!! There's a lot of work to be done


  1. I remember when we had our leylandii cut down between our neighbours and our house (at the front side of our property) I was so upset at first as felt we had lost our privacy... but a fence was put up, shrubs and other things and now it is lovely and since then I have planted my rose garden which I wouldn't have been able to have before. It does let a lot more light in.

    I look forward to seeing how your garden progresses now.

    Take care and good luck with your hunt for a friend for Ezri

  2. It's very strange without the trees. In the winter/spring months more than half the garden was in permanent shade; even in the summer only half of the bottom of the garden was in sunlight. It needed to be done though, they were getting very dangerous. I will keep looking for a friend for Ezri; I'm sure I will find her one soon :) x

  3. We're in a similar situation. We have a big old locust tree in our yard that's in poor health, with lots of dead branches. It's very close to the power line, so if a large branch were to come down in a storm, it would probably pull the power line down as well. It really should be removed, but I hate to see it go. It was a pretty tree. I had to laugh when you mentioned your Star Wars figures. I still occasionally remind my mother of how she sold my whole collection at a yard sale for a dollar!

  4. Yes, it's a shame about the trees, but they had to come down as it was dangerous with great branches breaking off :(
    LOL A least your mum got a dollar for your Star wars collection, I gave mine away!! My 3 main characters Leia, Han and Luke lived in my doll house. It was one of those modern Scandinavian style ones with the off centre sloped roof and a balcony. I decorated it inside and out, made mini woven wool rugs, real bean bag chairs, mini framed paintings and even little bedding sets! I loved that house, but that too I gave away!! But now I have Ezri and maybe we can find a new doll house as well as a new friend :) xx

  5. We'll have to renew our back garden fence this summer, which means also cutting down some larger shrubs. I'll probably miss their shadow... but on the other hand, your garden looks very fresh and bright now, so maybe ours will, too?

  6. The garden is much lighter and brighter now. We have cleared away all the debris and we can see there's much to be done :) x

  7. The loss of the trees is off-set by the gain of more sunshine which will be good for your lovely garden. I hate to ever cut down a tree; I'm a real tree-hugger. But, sometimes it has to be done, as in your case. You garden still looks very nice. Good doll hunting! You sound dedicated to the search and you will find the one you like. Be warned: that second doll is only the beginning...

    1. It is a shame about the trees, but the garden is so much lighter and brighter and also seems so much bigger! I will keep searching for another doll and I shall heed your warning! :) x

  8. I think both you and your neighbours will enjoy your gardens more now those trees are gone. 40 ft would have taken so much light out of all your gardens and you now have the opportunity to plant something prettier and that won't grow so tall and cause so much shade.
    You never realise just how much shade they cause until they are gone.
    There is nothing like a new area to plan and plant up !

    I am sure you will find a friend for Ezri soon :)

  9. Yes, they did take a lot of light from the garden. In the winter/spring more than half the garden was in shade and even in the summer only half the bottom of the garden was in the sun. It was nice under the cool of the trees on very hot days and I miss the boggy area where the frogs and newts would collect after heavy rain. However, we have lots of plans, but which ones to go with? :) x


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