Thursday, 10 August 2017

A little bit of retro style

   The last few weeks seem to have been a bit of a go-slow. The cold, rainy weather's meant nothing much has been accomplished in the garden; although my husband has been doing a bit of on-off decorating the small front bedroom ( the walls have gone from magnolia to dark angel ) I haven't even felt inclined to knit or sew either after the failure of trying to add the Phoebe&egg basic sleeves ( 7 infuriating hours over 3 days!! Never again!! ) 😖
   And another disappointment last week. I found 2 small lots of wigs on ebay and decided to have a little bid. There was a small lot of 3 with a deep burgundy bob, and 2 longer light and dark pink ombre types. They were displayed on a Sasha doll and looked really good. However, every time I put on a bid I was immediately outbid by a maximum bidder and they got out of my price range by the time I'd tried 5 bids. So I tried the 2nd lot which was 6 wigs. Blonde and black bobs, a brunette waist length and 2 very long wigs, grey and blonde. Again I put on several bids and was immediately outbid by a maximum bidder and they too were soon out of my price range. Disappointing, but never mind, there'll be others.
   Anyways, onto a happier note. I've pulled myself out of the doldrums this week and got out my fabric and machine again and attempted another dress for Ezri. It's just the basic reversible, but I made this one shorter and I had a go at placing shaping darts on the front and backs ( well, at least it seems I can do that! ) I like these pretty little floral prints and I'm rather pleased with the result. I wonder what the little friends have to say about it 👂

Ayza- Your new dress is quite retro
Ezri- Mum says that her mum used to make little dresses like this for her when she was young
Ayza- That must have been a very, very, very long time ago then!
Ezri- Ayza! Shhhh

Oooohhh, cheeky madam!! 😲

... and other musings
   This week we had our first crop of King Edward's and carrots from the garden

All these from 1 plant!

And our first 4 carrots!


  1. Well done! The shorter dress suits Ezri very well, and with the darts, it's a perfect fit. I like the floral print, too.
    Your carrots and potatoes look yummy!

    1. I enjoyed making this one and I think it's my best so far :) The veg have been our best yet and the carrots are our first success :) x

  2. That's a cute dress, and it looks like you did a great job on the darts, which I can't imagine to be an easy thing to do. eBay can be frustrating that way, however I've often noticed that the next time something similar to the hotly contested item comes up, it often generates little interest. I think there are also some websites that specialize in doll wigs that are actually quite affordable. Those are some very handsome looking carrots and potatoes.

    1. The darts were easier than the sleeves!! I was a bit miffed about people putting on a 'maximum bid' as it doesn't give other people a look in. I looked at the Monique wigs, but I will keep browsing ebay. The carrots are out first successful crop and they are so sweet and crunchy and the King Teds make lovely mash :) x

  3. The dress looks great. Sorry to read about your frustration with the sleeves in the other pattern though, that is disappointing isn't it?

    The carrots and potatoes look very tasty indeed. Always nice to have fresh vegetables from the garden. We had beans from our garden with dinner this evening.

    1. I love this dress too. Yes, the sleeves just wouldn't work. I know it was me, as I was following the instructions, but I just couldn't make the curves fit together. we have soooo many beans we're eating them till they come out of our ears!! Eating veg from your own garden is such a good feeling :) x


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