Raglan shrug

Materials- Patons mercerised cotton ( or DK yarn ) 30g, 4mm straight and/or circular needle/s, wool needle
Size- to fit 16" Sasha
Gauge- 22 sts x 28 rows = 4"sq
Abbreviations- K- knit, P-purl, inc1- lift the bar between the stitches onto LHN and knit into the front of it
Please read all instructions and abbreviations carefully before knitting. I am not a professional pattern writer so please let me know if you find any mistakes

Begin at the neck and work top-down
Cast/bind on- 23 stitches and work back and forth in rows
Set up row- P
Commence raglan shaping
R1- K2, inc1, K4, inc1, K1, inc1, K9, inc1, K1, inc1, K4, inc1, K2- 29 stitches
R2 and all WS rows- P
R3- K2, inc1, K6, inc1, K1, inc1, K11, inc1, K1, inc1, K6, inc1, K2- 35 stitches
R5- K2, inc1, K8, inc1, K1, inc1, K13, inc1, K1, inc1, K8, inc1, K2- 41 stitches
R6- as R2
Work another 12 rows in this manner ( 18 rows worked from 'commence raglan shaping' )- 77 stitches
Divide for sleeves
K2, slip next 22 stitches onto holding thread, K29, slip next 22 stitches onto holding thread, K2- 33 stitches
Slip these 33 stitches onto circular needle/s. With the RS facing, pick up and knit 20 stitches up the right front, 23 stitches around the cast/bind on edge, then 20 stitches down the left front- 96 stitches all around front opening
R1-6- ( K1, P1 ) to end of round
Cast/bind off
Slip the stitches of one sleeve onto circular needle/s so the start and end of the round are under the armpit
R1-26- work in rounds decreasing one stitch at each end of rounds 5, 15 and 25- 16 stitches
R27-30- ( K1, P1 ) to end of round
Cast/bind off
Neaten loose ends and sew up the small hole under the armhole


  1. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this pattern. I look forward to trying it once my arm is working properly again!

    1. Thank you and it's my pleasure to share :)


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